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Suggestions for Making the Interior Designing Software for iPad more Powerful and Flexible


I am a professional Interior Designer and am using this product. But as I am personally facing a lot of problems, I am describing some of my suggestions and personal opinions two improve the product quality and usefulness. Please refer the attachment.

Waiting for reply & Hoping some good response from your side. 

Thank You



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When someone requests input on an inexpensive design tool for their iPad it is not really at all relevant to refer me to a program that starts at $50,000.00. Really? Not the same customer. Thanks anyway

I would like the ability to change the color of the Window trim and doors.

The ability to duplicate objects is great. It would be wonderful if you could extend the duplicate option to rooms and windows. If working with a modular design it is quite a pain to have to modify and resize each room and window. In Home 3D at least you can set a default room size, although I'm happy I changed to Interior Design for IPad! Thanks.
I love the app! But it would be wonderful if you would make it possible to duplicate an entire plan. When remodeling, I want to consider several options, such as moving/adding/removing walls, and then be able to compare the different ideas. It would be even more lovely if you could make this possible today! :-) Thank you for such robust apps and your great team!
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