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Additions for UK and Europe

Hi, Firstly, I love your app and am currently using it to design a new kitchen. However there's a couple of small features that are missing that would make it more relevant to the UK and European markets. Mostly these are models. Whilst we do like our big fridges here, we do also need to have fridges and freezers that sit under the counter. These are generally the same size as a single floor cabinet. Also, many of us, especially those in flats (apartments) need to plan kitchens that will contain the washing machine and dryer. Whilst there is a model for a dishwasher, I can't seem to find one for a washer. Again, these will usually sit under the counter and are front loading. And finally, I would very much like to see models for separate hob and oven as these are very common too. If there are any plans to expand the model range available, it would be great to see these things included. As a point of reference, have a look at This is B&Q's website (our largest diy chain) and gives a great idea of the sort of things we tend to design with over here. Many thanks!
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D'oh! I just found the washing machines. Ignore that part :)
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