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Questions, possibly suggestions for features...

First of all, although I've just begun, I'm already completely obsessed with this app & the potential uses. I bought it because I love interior design, and also planning on building our 2nd personal/family home within 1-2 years. I thought this would be a fab way to try out and perfect plans..and so far it seems to be. In fact, I have 2 friends in the beginning stages off building, and I'm going to 'gift' this to them, I think they'll both love & find it very useful. I was showing it to my husband, who is eager to play with his house plans on it. Upon further inspection & disovery-we both realized that this app could help in our business, sales of construction materials & installation, but primarily in remodels, not new construction. So, I have these questions, which could be translated to suggestions if the capability is not already there! 1. Can you import a picture of a home, either a room or the exterior, then overlay material options onto the actual 'home'........say I'm considering repainting the exterior of my current home. Can I import a clean picture of the exterior-then play with the colors or even materials: change the grey painted area of home in said picture paint, or cream siding, maybe sand colored stone or brick? Thus, allowing me to see what my actual house, not a model-would look like with changes? If so-can someone please lead me to the tutorial? This capability would be beyond fantastic, and really turn this app into a valuable tool for commercial sales in home remodeling. I know we'd be willing to pay at least. 2-3x more for it, especially if the ability to import pics of actual materials/colors we sell, then transform them into app material, is there, which I believe it is. If this is not already an option, I think you could include it in this app or create one with the existing features & the ability to import & manipulate pictures of actual homes & rooms, then market it to professional contractors & designers. It wouldn't really *have* to have the 3-D or walk-through functionality in order to perform well in the capacity I described, which is just basically a way to play with facades/walls in terms of color or materials, to paint or brick your home without just coloring over a picture, or putting a paint chip or siding sample up against your house & trying to guess if you'll like it or not. I think that many ppl would love it, considering how many homes are remodeled, rather than built from the ground up.

Sorry,that looks terrible-I built in paragraphs & spacing which did not translate into the post.
Did you get Answer about adding a picture of your home exterior wall.
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