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How do I go about changing the ceiling color?

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You can not change the color of the ceiling, but you can use rectangles (Shelf --> General --> Shapes) with your material for the decoration of the ceiling (see photo).

We consider ideas from users and then we will implement the popular ideas.
We added this feature in our list, but while we can not guarantee that we will implement it.


I also would be like to be able to decorate the ceiling by changing colors, adding beams etc. I am currently re-modelling my living room and i wanted to do it in Interior Designer. I want to do beamed ceilings (which I can't), therfore I can't really complete my design ideas for this room at least accurately.

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I would also like to be able to work on different colors/materials for the ceiling.  They are a critical visual component of most of our rooms.

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Thank you for your suggestions. As a result of your feedback, we have decided to implement a ceiling material feature in TapGlance, possibly in next update (1.01) and definitely by update 1.1.

In addition to changing ceiling color, I would like to be able to adjust ceiling height and create angles, like those you would see with vaulted ceilings or in dormer or attic spaces.

You can change the ceiling height in the layout screen --> Floors button --> Double headed arrow.

You can also use cathedral, vaulted, and sloped ceiling types.

For both of these features, please see our facebook page -

One of the first video posts is exactly about how to raise a ceiling and how to create a cathedral ceiling like in the image attached.

Oh great! Thank you
Hello, I am currently trying to do a cathedral ceiling and it's proving very difficult. When you try to rotate the prism in 3D, it doesn't snap to anything so it's trial and error to rotate it to the right angle. It's almost impossible. The other issue is that there's no sound on the tutorial video. Maybe a bit more of an explanation can also be given to the relationship of the dimensions of the prism. Thank you


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@monica - Please check that the snap is turned on for the item you are rotating. Snap is on the top mini toolbar. The snap is at 45 degrees angle increments.

The tutorial video definitely has sound - please check that your sound is not muted and the headphone (if you are using any) are plugged all the way in. You can watch the same video on

I am having a problem trying to add ceiling lights can't seem to find anywhere about how to do this properly.

You can add ceiling lights in 2D mode (middle button with lamp icon in the 3 button set), or in 3D, its up to you. The easiest way is in 2D, you just drag a light from the shelf to the plan and it will be positioned at the default ceiling height.

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