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Could you add a double wall oven?

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Hi Danielle,

We can definitely add that, thanks for letting us know. I have forwarded this to the 3D department. If you have specific wall ovens configurations that you work with, please feel free to attach a photo and we'll make something similar.


Black Mana Studios

Great! Also, is the interior design for iPad app essentially the same thing as TapGlance minus the rendering and some newer updates? On that app, there is wicker furniture that I used for outdoor. Could you add that to TapGlance to use? Or, maybe just add some different outdoor couches and chairs? Maybe a porch swing? This is an awesome app! I've already told a friend about it and she bought it. Thanks for your response! Danielle Williams

TapGlance is built on the core of Interior Design for iPad but it contains many new features not available on IDFI, cloud render being only one of them. We are working on a table that will show the improvements of TapGlance over IDFI.

We have at least two outdoor chairs in TapGlance, and one of them has wicker on it - look in "Dining & Living Room --> Chairs" - you can use the search field to find these two items "dining chair 18" and "dining chair 26". To show the search field, simply swipe down on the objects shelf. You can find a porch swing in "Outdoor & Landscaping --> Playground" (name is "Playground 05").

I see the chairs that you were talking about. However, the ones I am referring to in IDFI are more living chairs, with wicker base and cushions. Do you have the capabilities to take furniture from IDFI and add them to TapGlance?

Unfortunately not at real time. If you send me a picture of the chair you are referring to I can add it to the TapGlance library.

Here's the outdoor furniture I mentioned....
(834 KB)

Thank you for the feedback and image, we'll add them to the next update of TapGlance. 

Yes, add a double wall oven.

Add objects from

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