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Love this app would love to see more

I love using this app and know how complicated and time consuming it takes to make and add new content. I've used a lot of design or CADD apps and have found this one to be the definite best and easy to use. What I would love to see added to TapGlance that I've loved on other apps and would gladly pay more( with in reason) Wood stove Stuff for the garage like cars and bikes Pets. Cats, dogs more stuff for them. More decor, wall art, plants, coat racks, Different ideas for closets ( ikea open concept) A few more options in the accessories. I.e. Coats, boots More misc. stuff for kitchen counters and shelves groups of glasses Stacks of plates, I've also been one who has embraced the tiny house movement but am having a hard time even trying to make up a broad design with out it looking a little jumbled. It would be cool to see stairs that have built in cabinets or a " Harry Potter" under the stairs cabinet. I love the ideas of skylights and being able to move a desk with all of its objects on it. I could keep going but I won't. You guys are great. I really enjoy designing a room or an entire house. It keeps me happy and distresses me after a long day at work. The most user friendly and easiest to understand.

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