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Love this app!!

Would love new patio doors, pocket doors, pocket patio doors, sliding doors(oriental)more décor(window treatments, wall décor, kitchen counter items, bedroom items, makeup vanity, makeup/bathroom items, throw blankets to drape on beds or furniture)

Also, new cabinet styles for kitchens, bathroom furniture(towel cabinet, shelving), more desks and office stuff, more furniture styles in general.

More options with flooring(antique wood), wall color(antique wash), stone.


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Thank you for your kind words.

May I suggest that you post photos of the items and materials you would like to see introduced in the app? We put users suggestions in a to-do list and implement them as time allows.

Hello I'm an architect and a a projects manager, have done interior design as well for my Clients, I am in love with this app, and I was able to create most of the shapes I wanted ( find attached a villa design that I have created through tapglance, I have an issue creating glass walls or glass facia , I always have to create a pass through then create a glass box. I also find it hard to create frameless glass doors. I am also creating a design to my Client to his motors showroom, I would love more models to cars. I have some created through a PC 3D modeling software but I wish I can integrate them into my model.

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I would love a person object. All I think is needed is one male and one female, both standing and sitting. I also would like pocket and sliding doors. I must admit that the lighting category could use more items, perhaps a crystal chandelier and an orb. Another bonus would be to be able to adjust the distance from floor without ceiling mount floating in midair, in other words, be able to decide the chain length. Maybe the only way is to separate the chains from the lights and let us select. Love your awesome app, have used for many clients who are amazed at the 3-D image before making decisions. What a time and money saver!

People models will very soon be introduced to the app. Thanks for the suggestions.

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