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Measure or ruler for plans

Is there a ruler or measurement system I can use to place items in 2D? For example, a Kitchen is not sharing a flush wall with a garage; there is a 10'8" difference. How can I measure this? My workaround is to make a closet with 10'8" witdth, snap it to the garage, then snap the kitchen to the closet. I use this "floating closet" as a ruler but it's not very efficient. Cheers! Nick

Tap and hold your finger to mark the start point of the ruler, then drag to mark the end point. After the ruler has been placed you can move it by tapping on its midpoint, or edit it by tapping on any of the end points.

Excellent thanks! That's exactly what I wanted.
I can't seem to get the ruler to appear.... how does it 2D?
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