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Skylights & Stairs

Hey there,

First off great app love the way it's so flexible and conveys what I want displayed.

I would very much like the ability to add skylights to ceilings and to also change the height of ceilings too.  This is particularly important when in a corridor or in a stairwell.  Where the downstairs connects to the upper floor and to use extra attic space we can go all the way to the roof.

I think you have mentioned that a future release will allow stairs to connect floors but just wanted to say that is a feature I would love to see soon.



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Any news on this?! It's been 10 months since this was updated? Is there a way to get the source and I could help implement a project like this. There's another app that allows for this sort of thing Planner 5D not as pleasant and easy to use as this app but supports floors and skylights as listed.

I've created make-do skylights by adding a floor above, creating a platform, outting into that platform a floor subtract. Then Inchoose an architectural shape, usuaalybthe half sohere, and make a dome out of it to cover the skylight. Of course, the material has to be changed to glass. But it would be better opif there were such a thing as ceiling subtracts; better yet, whole skylight assemblies much like windows.
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