For example you need some special stone material, you can import it into the user material from:

CGtextures is a free website, with royalty free textures that you can import to our app and use in your plans.

The registration page for CGtextures is at

Once you register, you can login here

In addition, you can use any texture you find on the internet, providing of course that it is not copyrighted or you have usage rights.

To import texture in the app follow this steps:

1. Save texture image to Photos.

2. Open TapGlance, open the plan, open Interior or 3D screen, where you see Shelf on the left.

3. On the Shelf navigate to Materials -> User Materials -> Photo and tap Add a Material.

4. Select your texture image from Photos and name your material - Stone Wall 1 for example.

5. There is two options - Stretch and Crop. As app can use only square images, using this two options you can control how app will make square image from non-square. Crop will use the most area from your image that is square, and stretch will resize entire image to square one (and it will be a bit distorted, depends on the original image).

You can import as many materials as you want.